While there are many LED based plant lamps, I haven’t seen any that have a solid build quality or use multi-watt LEDs for a small array. With functionality and design being the priorities on this project I worked with a plant breeder to execute a functional and tasteful design.


I selected brass, aluminum, and stainless as materials for this project because of their thermal, machinable and rust resisting properties. The brass on account of it’s density served as a perfect base for the light. The stainless steel for the shaft of the lamp because of it’s strength and rust resistance. Lastly the aluminum for the head of the lamp housing the light engine, aluminum is a treat to work with, can be anodized and transfers heat well.


The LEDs used were Luxeon Rebels, two in 660nm and one in 450nm. All wired in series and driven at 700mA via a constant current buck driver in the base. A Carclo 20mm triple narrow frosted optic was use to deliver the light to the plan surface.


Above, the raw aluminum nearing completion before the anodization process.

Above, one part of the brass base.


Above, the second part of the base.


Above, wavelength specified for those curious.

Above, the lamp head almost complete, silicone was added to the wire channel.

Above, production serial number.

Above, top view of lamp.

Above, base seen flooded with silicone.

Above, set screw for stainless steel shaft visible.