I have been working more with copper recently because it is so easy to drill and bend as well as conducts heat so nicely. The point of this build was to make an almost miniature model of a reading lamp that provided a usable amount of light. The emitters used in this build are Cree ML-Es in the 3000K color temperature run at about 170mA. The output at the emitters is maybe 150 lumens but is very pleasant to read by. Because these LEDs have an operating current of 150-175mA I had to make a driver for the application and because the driver was so simple I decided to make the components exposed. Because of the low drive current the entire setup stays warm to the touch and does not require finned heat sinking. The base is made out of black Delrin, it is very easy to machine and durable. The larger transistor is screwed down with a #4 screw, tapping the Delrin was like going through butter. I look forward to making more projects out of Delrin.