More XP-G triples

I’ve been playing with XP-G triples as a general light engine now for some time and have finally come around to using some warmer tint emitters (4K color temperature) producing 354 emitter lumens at 350mA per LED. This puts us over the 100 lumen per watt in a nice neutral light. The build below is a rough prototype of a light fixture that would support this light engine and not need visible heat sinks. At 350mA the light fixture stays cool to the touch ensuring lamp life >50,000 hours until 70% light output occurs. The material is aluminum stock about 4″ x 10″ sandwiched in between 2 quarter inch pieces of plexi glass. The power to the lights is supplied by an Xitanium 350mA driver via the black wires that also support the light fixture.